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Serving Your Relaxation

pH Balanced Pool Service

Choose the Best Pool Service Company in Gilbert

pH Balanced Pool Service offers reliable and high quality swimming pool services in Gilbert, Mesa, Chandler, Tempe, Queen Creek & San Tan Valley.

We also offer pool equipment sales and installation of filters, pumps, and cleaning systems.  Contact us today to for a free quote!

We are #1 for pool service for a reason! Our Gilbert pool technicians are certified, trained, and licensed, and we offer excellent customer service. Your satisfaction is our priority, which is why we take the extra time for our clients. Whether it’s cleaning your pool, balancing your treatment, or repairing important pool components, we provide all services to keep your pool in the best shape through every Arizona season.

Why Choose pH Balanced Pool Service

Our pool technicians are the experts when it comes to maintaining perfectly balanced, pristine pools in Gilbert, Arizona. Whether you choose to try out our one-time service options or opt for weekly maintenance, we go above and beyond to create the best pool experience for our clients.

When you choose a professional pool service like ph Balanced, you get to swim easy every day knowing that you are in great hands. Our pool technicians offer expert pool maintenance and repairs for all types of pools.

We make certain that all components of your pool work properly, and your pool will be immaculate after our visit. You will never have to worry about taking time out from fun to clean your pool or try to fix the filters.

Why choose us?

Our Gilbert Pool Services Work


    Our estimates are free, professional and fair. Most estimates require a site visit.

    Weekly Pool Service

    Our weekly pool service options offer the best services for those who constantly swim and want their pools to be as pristine as possible. From balancing your pool’s pH to checking your Jacuzzi for bad motors, we do it all! We want to make sure that your pool and spa are working just the way you need for the perfect, relaxing experience.

    With our weekly services, you’ll receive:

    • Regular visits from certified, insured, and bonded pool technicians
    • All preventative maintenance
    • Chemical balancing and treatment
    • Cleaning
    • Plaster pool cleaning, maintenance, and repairs
    • Fiberglass pool cleaning, maintenance, and repairs
    • In-ground vinyl pool cleaning, maintenance, and repairs
    • Jacuzzi and spa maintenance, cleaning, and repairs

    Need something else? We want to help with any pool issue that you have. From filters to pool cleaning motors, we have the tools and knowledge to fix even the worst pool problems.

    Filter Cleaning Service

    Did you come back home to find that your pool has turned into a swamp? Do you run a real estate agency or property management company and need fast filter cleaning services? pH Balanced is here to help with your filter problems and get your pool looking good as new.

    Swamp pools typically have problems with algae and other organic matter wreaking havoc on your pool’s balance. It can also be blocked or infested with insects and animal nests. Our pool filter cleaning services can help you by diagnosing your pool’s condition and providing you with the best cleaning package to get your pool back to its bluest waters.

    How Often Should You Clean Your Pool Filter?
    This depends on the condition of the water, but typically you should replace the filter whenever the pressure rises to 10 psi. There are several filter types, including cartridge, sand, or D.E. These can become clogged with debris, which causes the back pressure on the filter system to rise. In addition, the overall flow rate in your swimming pool drops to unhealthy levels.

    Cartridge filters need to be cleaned every two weeks. These also cannot be cleaned with power washers as it can damage the filter, which would require a replacement.

    D.E. filters only need to be cleaned once a month, but you may want to check the reading on the label to see if it is over 5 psi. This indicates it may need to be changed soon.

    Sand filters need to be checked once a month, or if you notice that the PSI has risen over 5 to 10 psi.

    Every pool has different issues, and if you use your pool more often than or live in an area with lots of trees, then you could need regular filter cleanings and replacements. While pool enclosures reduce this problem, it’s helpful to simply have a team to assess your filter health, re-balance your pool’s chemicals, and clean up any debris so that your system is working at the best level.

    Pool Equipment Install

    Are you looking to modify your pool and upgrade? Are you installing a new pool? Perhaps you want to install new lights, slides, fountains, waterfall, or Jacuzzi? We have a team of experts ready to help with your pool dreams.

    Your custom pool installation can include:

    • Pool automation systems
    • Pool vacuum cleaners
    • New pool filters from Sand, D.E., or Cartridge
    • Heaters and heat pumps
    • New LED pool lighting
    • Pump timing
    • Safety barriers
    • Salt chlorinators
    • Pool ozone generators
    • Drains, skimmers, fittings & more
    • Sanitizers
    • Slides
    • Jacuzzi and spas

    We are a state-licensed, certified pool contractor. We install all kinds of pool pumps, including single and variable speed. Our team can also help you with timers, automation, filter systems, salt water chlorinators, vacuums, water fountains, and other complicated installations.

    With pH Balanced working with you, your pool can become a clean, healthy, and beautiful place to spend an afternoon. We only work with the finest manufacturer partners as well.

    Want to have the latest and most reliable pool equipment?
    It’s time to work with a team of amazing pool experts from a contractor who knows pool services in Gilbert, Arizona. There is no other team quite like ours when it comes to residential pool services and installation. We do it all and ensure that you’re satisfied before completing any project.

    Pool Repairs

    Is your pool cracked? Does your pool vacuum cleaner fail to get the job done? Maybe your flow rate is offer, or your Jacuzzi does not get as hot as it used to. We want to help you update and fix all of these issues. Our team include some of the most experienced pool repair technicians in the Gilbert area. We have seen thousands of pools and know how to test and diagnose pool problems from the start.

    For example, if your pool water is cloudy or dirty, you may have a broken pool pump that is not circulating water as well as it should. This also results in higher electricity bills as the pool pump continuously tries to maintain your pool.

    Pump motors need regular servicing as they tend to break the most. However, cracks in your fiberglass, concrete, or tile can also cause significant safety problems.

    pH Balanced Pool Service in Gilbert, AZ

    Alkalinity neutralizes your swimming pool so that it’s gentle on your skin and fun to swim at any time of the year.

    One of the best things you can do for your swimming pool is to maintain the water’s chemical balance. By that, we mean monitoring the pH level and adjusting to prevent algae growth, corrosion, and other problems.

    Your pool’s chemistry changes depending on the season and temperature, pool usage, rainfall, hard and soft water sources, or a high swimmer load. There are also different pH levels depending on the type of pool. For example, salt chlorine pools have different chemical needs than a traditional chemical pool.

    pH Balanced Pools are Safer for Swimming

    Chlorine is necessary to keep pools clean and free of bacteria, but when pH is too high or low, bacteria may still survive after cleaning.

    Prevents Unsightly Algae and Buildup

    When pools are balanced, your water just naturally glitters and glistens with a clear blue look. However, mineral buildup and algae can pop up when pH is off.

    Prevents Corrosion and Irritation

    When your pool’s pH drops too low, your water can actually corrode the metal pieces of your handrails, pool pump, and ladders. Instead, maintain the right pH so that your water doesn’t harm your pool frame or your skin.