Pool Pump Repair Service in Gilbert

Pool Pump Repair

Having a pool on your property can be the best investment you ever made but if not properly maintained, it can cause your pool to be unfit for swimming. Some pool owners have a misconception that using frequent pool cleaning services is enough to maintain a healthy and clean pool; however, that isn’t always the case.

In reality, it is the pool’s pump that deserves more attention. Consider a pool pump to be the pool’s circulation system as it helps keep the pool water healthy, clean, and clear. A well-functioning pump will take water from the pool and move it through its filter, heater, and other components to pump out cleaner water into your swimming pool.

If your pool pump has been ignored for months, chances are high that it can start malfunctioning or stop working. It can lead to a disrupted experience, preventing you from swimming in a safe environment. To continue enjoying a hygienic pool, we recommend scheduling our routine pool pump repairs and maintenance services.

When to Call Our Pool Pump Repair Services?

Although we recommend scheduling routine pool pump repair and maintenance services, you can look for signs that ask for an immediate repairs. While it can be hard for novice pool owners to spot some signs that you need pool pump repair services, there are a few common signs that indicate a serious problem.

Below are some common signs that you may need pool pump repair services:

  • A Rumbling Sound

If you start noticing a rumbling sound coming from your pool, your pool pump’s excessive vibrating motor can be the problem. Extreme pump vibrations cause it to bump against the pool surface, creating a rumbling sound. Therefore, you should call a pool pump repair professional like us when you hear a rumbling sound. 

  • Grinding or Screeching Sound

Grinding screeching sounds can also be considered an alarm and a reason to get the pool pump checked. Such sounds indicate your pump needs new bearings. This can cause other parts in your pool pump to wear out and cause more damage to your system. Always shut the electrical power off when you hear loud and obnoxious sounds.

  • Bubbles From the Water

Besides the unusual sounds, you can also look for bubbles and spitting water coming from your pool. When you frequently start noticing bubbles during swimming in your pool or feel certain suction inside the pool, treat them as warning signs that your pool pump needs a thorough check and repair. 

These signs can arise when your pool pump stops functioning properly and isn’t filtering the water any longer. Even if you don’t notice any of these signs, it’s always best to get it checked if the pump has become old or is long overdue for inspection and repair. This is where pH Balanced Pool is here to help. 

Why Invest in Our Pool Pump Repair Services?

A pool pump is responsible for keeping it in usable condition. Even if the device works daily to filter even the tiniest debris that could have otherwise settled on the pool surface. It can still cause a problem. The pump is made of different components such as the main motor, hair & lint trap, and impeller.

If any element gets broken or starts malfunctioning, your water and pool quality will start deteriorating, making it unfit for swimming. Our team has highly skilled, resourceful, and well-trained professionals who know how to seamlessly investigate pool pumps of different models, types, and brands. 

We can repair your pool pump, ensuring it keeps your pool free from bacteria, algae, dirt, or other harmful accumulations. Therefore, if you don’t want your pool pump to become ineffective schedule a pool pump maintenance service today. When you identify potential problems you can eliminate costly repairs down the road. 

Contact pH Balanced Pool for Pool Pump Repair Service

Pool pump maintenance and repair shouldn’t be expensive. If you’re looking for cost-effective maintenance and repair services, you can count on pH Balanced Pool. We are a pool maintenance and repair company in Gilbert, AZ and have been repairing pool pumps for years.

If you are experiencing problems with your pool pump, you should have it inspected for repair and schedule routine weekly or monthly pool maintenance for the best results. We provide the best pool pump repair services and are available to help you immediately. For more information about rates and to schedule an appointment, call or contact us today.