Pool Heater Installation

The Benefits of pH-Balanced Pool Services

Whether you want to extend the pool season or want to enjoy swimming in fresh hot water during chilling winter, it’s pretty common that pool owners sometimes want to install pool heaters in their existing swimming pool. In fact, out of different add-ons, pool heaters are one of the most popular choices, available in different forms and shapes.

Although these heaters can be installed in both in-ground and above-ground swimming pools, the process is a bit different and tricky. In addition, there are also different types of heaters such as propane heaters, electric heaters, and solar heaters that require different installation methods. 

There are many benefits to having pH Balanced Pool services, we’re one of the most reliable and best pool service companies in Gilbert and are here to help you with pool heater installation. Along with pool heater installation, we also offer weekly pool maintenance, pool repairs, and other essential pool work. 

We offer routine heater pool maintenance and repairs combined with replacements and new pool heater installation services. Our team of technicians are certified installers and come with the required knowledge and tools to get the job done right the first time. We offer the best brands on the market and affordable pricing for pool heaters and labor.

Installation Methods for Different Types of Pool Heaters

The best part of adding a pool heater is that you can have any type of swimming pool and still be able to install a heater. However, the installation methods are a bit more complicated and challenging. Whenever it comes to heating pool water with heaters and heating elements, it is always recommended to have them professionally installed.

The different types of pool heater installation processes that we follow include:

Gas or Propane Heater Installation

One of the best choices when it comes to pool heater installation in large-sized swimming pools is having the right one to heat the volume of water you’re trying to heat to your desired temperature. The upfront cost is much lower than any other types of heaters available but over time this can be a little costly to operate with the wrong one. 

Gas or propane heater installation requires a professional’s knowledge and expertise and why pH Balanced Pool, your reliable pool maintenance service provider is here to help you make the right decision for your pool. We follow a three-step process for pool water heater installation. 

Our three installation methods and pool services include:

  • Making sure the pool heater is perfectly adjusted to your pool size. 
  • Choosing an ideal location to place the heater so that it allows clearance. 
  • Start the installation process after checking with high-end authorities. 
Solar Heater Installation 

Here at pH Balanced Pool, we offer all kinds of pool heater installation including solar heaters. In fact, we believe the solar heater is one of the best options for those who are energy-conscious and want to save operational costs moving forward. Basically, you can have zero costs ongoing after the heater is installed. 

However, the upfront cost of installation is pretty high. Our solar heater installation process includes the following steps:

  • Our professionals make sure that the preferred location gets a lot of sunlight for the heater to work efficiently.
  • We also ensure the heater matches up with the pool dimensions. 
  • Afterward, we start to install the panels while considering the angles.
Electric Heater Installation 

Electric heaters are another popular choice available in the market. The installation process of an electric heater is a bit more complicated as it requires the correct placement of electrical wires. Nevertheless, having the required knowledge and industry expertise, our team of professionals can ensure you a perfect installation.

Our three-step process for electric heater installation includes:

  • Ensuring the existing electric supply can easily support the operation of the electric heater. 
  • Finding a desirable location while allowing at least 24 feet of all direction clearances. 
  • Making sure the electric heater base is properly leveled. 

Why Trust Us?

pH Balanced Pool is your reliable choice when it comes to pool service providers in Gilbert, Arizona. We handle the complete tasks of pool heater installation starting from assessing the pool heating requirements to guiding them in finding the best and top-quality pool heating equipment to installing it properly.

Our team of professionals is always committed to providing you with the best, flawless, and timely installation of pool heaters to help you enjoy swimming for an extended period of time every year. We are one of the most trusted residential and commercial swimming pool providers in the state of Arizona and guarantee our work.

If you are looking for pool heater installation today or considering it, contact pH Balanced Pool Services and see why so many people trust and love our dedicated team of professional pool heater installers and weekly pool maintenance services.