Acid Wash and Stain Removal

Acid Wash and Stain Removal Services in Gilbert

Is your pool water starting to look dirty, even after routine cleaning and maintenance? If yes, it’s a sign that your pool is missing out on proper cleaning. While regular pool cleaning services can help keep it well-maintained but it won’t help if excessive dirt, algae, minerals, and other elements start accumulating on the pool surface.

This is where you need strong cleaning methods, like acid wash and stain removal. Since it’s an advanced cleaning method, it requires expertise and experience with the right product and equipment to yield true benefits. We are here to help you with our stain removal services when traditional cleaning methods aren’t working for you. 

What Are Acid Wash and Stain Removal?

Many pool owners aren’t aware of this advanced pool cleaning method. It refers to the cleaning process of a pool using strong cleaning solutions like a mixture of water and hydrochloric acid. When this solution is sprayed on the pool walls, the accumulated layers of dirt, grime, algae, and other elements start to be removed. 

Here at pH Balanced Pool, a pool maintenance and repair company in Gilbert, AZ. Our trained team members spray the acid-cleaning solution and then use an acid brush to clean the entire pool surface. Due to the reaction of chemicals, even the toughest stains get removed, revealing a brighter, cleaner, and fresh-looking pool at your property. 

However, since the cleaning method involves using strong chemicals, we recommend getting it done by professionals. It will prevent any chances of damage and injury that can otherwise take place during the process. This is due to the toxicity of certain chemicals used to clean stubborn stains and proper respiratory equipment is required.

Reasons to Use Our Acid Wash & Stain Removal Service

If you frequently use your pool and arrange parties around the pool area, we recommend using an acid wash and stain removal service once a year. Ph Balanced Pool services specialize in acid wash and stain removal with a routinely scheduled maintenance plan, you can get the best and safest water in Arizona.

There are numerous benefits of our pool services, but the primary benefits are listed below:

  • Improved Water Quality

Surprisingly, acid wash isn’t only helpful in combating and removing tough stains accumulated on your pool surface but also helps maintain healthy water quality so you can swim in a hygienic environment. Improved water quality will also enhance its visual appeal and elevate safety standards.

  • Remove Tough Stains

The biggest benefit of our acid wash service is stain removal. Even if you get your pool frequently cleaned, the pool surface can develop tough stains for various reasons. An acid wash can remove even the toughest stains that were difficult to remove with regular pool cleaning services. It can even help combat the pool discoloration problem.  

  • Maintain Hygiene

Another advantage of our acid wash and stain removal service is maintaining pool hygiene. If any algae or bacteria build-up has taken place, it can degrade the water and pool quality, making it unfit for swimming. Using an acid wash service, you can help get rid of bacteria or other such elements that affect the basic pool hygiene standards.

  • Preparation for Painting

Since the pool is a widely used area, its surface might get affected over time. Getting it cleaned with an acid wash can help clear the surface of any stains, dirt, algae, and other elements, making it a smooth surface that is perfect for painting. Additionally, this process is necessary, especially if you want the paint to last a long time.

Get Acid Wash and Stain Removal Services From Experts

The best way to increase your pool’s longevity while maintaining its aesthetics is crucial for every pool owner. Deploying an acid wash and stain removal service from pH Balanced Pool is the best way to achieve it. We are a pool maintenance and repair company in Gilbert, AZ, providing professional pool services for several years. 

Since the cleaning process involves using strong acids, you shouldn’t risk giving the task to inexperienced cleaners. Contact our team today if you want reliable and expert acid wash service providers who can effectively do the job without causing health hazards at the best rates in Gilbert, Arizona.